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Staying In Touch


‘Staying in Touch’ – Church Communication in a time of Crisis

Dear Friends,

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The Rectors weekly letter.
The Fifth Sunday of Lent: Passion Sunday 29 March 2020

My usual way of getting up in the morning is when my bedside radio alarm rouses me with the 6.00am news bulletin.  Then after a cup of tea and a shower I settle down to listen to the ’Today’ programme where news about the latest developments of Covid 19 seem to be more grim with every passing day.  But on Wednesday morning I was woken by the song of a bird, perched on a bough in the Rectory garden, singing his (or her) heart out welcoming the new day.

Listening to the news bulletins these days can be a depressing experience. People’s fears and concerns are multiplied as casualty numbers rise, and as various experts offer conflicting advice as to how the government should act. Panic is a natural reaction to the pleas for more help from frontline health workers for more help, and from the countless ordinary people who are isolated and worried about their health, or the families wondering how they will cope financially.  

Today’s gospel story begins with Jesus getting news that his friend Lazarus is ill, and by the time he arrives for a visit Lazarus has died.  Jesus is rebuked by the family for getting there too late as Lazarus has already been buried.  This tragic tale though has a remarkable ending as Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. This demonstration of Jesus’ power over death is the first hint of Resurrection.

We now enter into Passiontide, journeying with Jesus through trial and torment to the cross and tomb.  We could easily despair and panic, but of course we know how the story will end, in the triumph and joy of Resurrection.  

The thought struck me that whilst the news seems to focus on the Cross, the garden birds were rejoicing in the Resurrection. Perhaps we should be more like the birds!

 Revd John