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Readings and Resources for the Second Sunday in Lent

Sunday 28 February 2021

The Second Sunday of Lent

In today’s Old Testament lesson God says to Abraham ‘walk before me, and be blameless. And I will make my covenant between me and you and will make you extremely numerous.’

This week our Prime Minister has issued his ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ promising that if we follow the guidelines set down we might be free of all restrictions on social contact as a result of Covid 19. This is not a covenant, nor even a promise - the success of the scheme depends on scientific evidence based on recorded data.

But both the above events offer hope for future blessing if we follow the path laid out before us. The journey of the past twelve months has not been easy, and there may well be difficult times ahead before we can claim the crisis is over – and as we have learned to live with the flu each year, we may well have to live with the Coronavirus for some years ahead.

We are in the season of Lent, the time when we remember that Jesus journeyed in the wilderness, faced temptation, and prepared himself for the difficult path ahead – a path that would lead to death on a cross before the triumph of the resurrection.

Our journey through life (especially life with Covid) sees us walking in a troubled world, a divided nation, a crisis of faith, and the certainty of future changes not all of which will be comfortable.

But if we walk in faith before God as Abraham did, following the teaching of Jesus and confident that his death and resurrection represent a new covenant of God’s blessing – then we can journey from suffering to hope, from anxiety to security, and from doubt to the certainty of God’s love for each and every one of us.

As we begin to meet together again with families and friends, re-open schools and shops, hug grandchildren, get our haircut, etc – may we not forget to be thankful for the sacrifice and skill of those who brought us through the crisis – and for the God who never leaves us, no matter how long our suffering lasts.

Revd John

A Family Communion Service for the second Sunday in Lent - 28 February 2021

Services, Worship, and Covid Update:   8 February 2021

The PCC passed a resolution to suspend Sunday Church worship until the end of March 2021 in response to the Covid crisis. There will be no further Sunday services at St Martin’s or Well Hill until further notice.   Sunday services will continue on line.

Please see the ‘Staying in Touch’ page for further details and current regulations.

Weekly church worship at St.Martins will currently be:  
Wednesday at 9.30am - Prayer Book Communion Service

Sunday Services February - March  2021

Following the success of our first two live Zoom Sunday services, with virtual coffee chat rooms afterwards, they are planned to continue until the end of March. Our Sunday Family Services will be live on Zoom every Sunday at 10am.  Anyone with internet access can join the service which I will lead from my study in the Rectory.  I do hope that those who are able will join us. But if you can’t make it then don’t worry the service will be recorded and then put on our YouTube channel and this website from about 2pm, but only Rev John will be visible on the recording.  

If you’ve not used Zoom before and would like more information on how to join, or if you have any questions, please email or call 07826 516481.  You can also join by telephone and listen in, calls are charged at national rates which might be free for you at weekends, it’s worth checking your telephone package.

In lockdown I along with many folk have missed the opportunity to meet for a chat after worship. We therefore plan to have ‘coffee’ afterwards, where everyone can chat with each other – if lots of people stay online we’ll have ‘breakout rooms’ so smaller groups can chat together. There will be biscuits at the Rectory and as with Communion I will consume them on behalf of you all!

Please see our ‘Staying in Touch’ page for details of our plans for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.
Revd John

If you are on our regular email contact list we will email further details of the links to use to access the service along with additional service material. If not and you would wish to ‘attend’ the services please email:

A recording of the Live 10am Zoom Service will be available here from about 2pm on Sunday 28 February