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We're very happy to announce that, following the lifting of restrictions, St Martin’s has re-opened its doors for public worship. For now the pattern will be:

10.00am Sunday - Family Worship (either a Communion Service or a Service of the Word)

9.30am Wednesday – Holy Communion (BCP)

This replaces the individual private prayer times on Tuesdays & Saturdays.

As you would expect there are lots of rules and regulations attached to this and it is subject to change. Please follow the link below for  further details before you arrive and keep checking this website for updates (updated 17 July)
(See Staying in Touch)

Sunday 2nd August 2020

The eighth Sunday after Trinity

My dad had two sisters who never married, my aunts Hilda and Marjorie. They spent the post-war years caring for my grandmother and when she died they devoted themselves to helping with my education. So it was that from the age of about 8 or 9 I spent much of my holiday time with Auntie Marjorie exploring the countryside on walking holidays in Yorkshire and Devon, staying on farms and discovering the wonders of creation. Aunty Hilda, on the other hand, took charge of my cultural education, introducing me to the theatre, classical music and in particular to poetry.

Whenever the world gets too heavy I still often turn to poetry for succour and release – sometimes I try to write poems of my own, but they are never particularly good. So when the news of the latest upturn in Covid cases and the subsequent tightening of restrictions was announced on Friday – I found myself in need of a good poem.

As Christians we are blessed with some of the greatest poetry ever written in the book of Psalms. Today’s extract from Psalm 145 might have been written for such a time as this. In verses 8 & 9 the psalmist reminds us of the very nature of God – gracious and merciful, slow to anger, rich in love, good to all, filled with compassion. Then in verses 15-21 we are reminded of God’s care and love for all his creation. Just look at how often the psalm contains the word ‘all’ – let the poetic phrases describing God’s love wash over you. Perhaps you would like to read them now – read them slowly and immerse yourself in the wonder of God’s love for you and for all his creation.

Now how do you feel? The bad news that upset me suddenly seems almost insignificant – and I am compelled as was the Psalmist to  ‘Praise his holy name for ever and ever.’ as I revel in the joy of God’s creation and discover the wonderful poetry of his love. How about you?  
Revd John


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